Drivers Need to Be Reminding About Basic Car Safety

It can be easy to forget how serious of an action driving is. When you’ve been driving for years, multiple times a day, often in areas that you’ve come to know even better than the back of your hands, some complacency is going to set in. We think we have a handle on the situation, that we don’t have to be fully alert, that this time we set out in our vehicle will be just like every other time in the past. And most of the time, we’re right in thinking that. Most people will probably go their entire lives without ever being in a serious car wreck. We may come close, or have minor fender benders, but millions of people pay less attention than they should while driving every day without serious consequences.

But one wrong action at the wrong moment can be devastating. Driving is inherently a situation that’s largely out of our control. Sure, we can direct our vehicles in where to go and what to do. But we’re sharing the road with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people, all of whom we can’t be completely aware of, and situations on the road are very subject to change. Bad weather, a crack or piece of debris in the road, or faults within our own vehicle can all lead to an accident. Most of the time, if we’re paying attention, we can react quickly enough to prevent them. But if we’re distracted, say by texting, eating, or just letting our minds wander off, we might not notice until it’s too late to do anything about it.

An especially common and particularly hazardous form of dangerous driving is intoxicated driving. Many people will try to excuse it, saying they know their limits, that they aren’t as drunk that they seem. Worst of all, some people will try to say that they’ve driven drunk before without an incident, it’s okay for them to do it again. None of these are acceptable reasons to drive drunk. Just look at the recent example in Fort Worth of a woman who was killed by a drunk driver. She had pulled to the shoulder of the road over due to a problem with her car that prevented it from driving any further. While she was inspecting it, a driver smashed into her car. She was pronounced dead at the scene when emergency services arrived to help her.

According to this law firm, tragedies like this happen every day. Sometimes, car accidents are just bad luck. But just as often they’re easily preventable and caused by careless or negligent behavior on the part of the driver. Remember: Even if you feel confident in your skills as a driver, make sure you’re always devoting your full attention to the task. Don’t text and drive, don’t eat or talk on the phone, always pay attention to the road around you, and never drive while impaired. The consequences aren’t worth it.

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