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Children Benefit from a Special Kind of Dentist

Contrary to popular belief, not all dentists are the same. Just because the parents go to a particular dentist does not mean that dentist will be able to treat a child properly. Like in medicine, dentistry is subdivided into specialties, and just like with doctors, children would benefit more with a pediatric dentist because they have different needs from adults.

For one thing, children’s teeth are still in development, and how a dentist treats the temporary (baby) teeth of the child will have a significant impact on how the permanent teeth will eventually develop. A pediatric dentist will also have a thorough knowledge of growth and maturation principles of a child’s teeth, which can lead to early intervention to avoid problems in later life, such as referring the child to an orthodontist for treatment.

For another thing, children can be difficult to handle for a dentist with mostly adult patients, which are okay with a clinical approach to treatment. Children are generally sensitive to people, and can become anxious with a dentist who may not have the patience or skills to make children comfortable and secure before getting down to brass tacks. A pediatric dentist is used to handling children, and will have the tricks to make their young patients feel at ease and even start looking forward to their regular dental checkups.

Children also need to be educated about proper dental hygiene. A pediatric dentist will make this aspect of the practice a priority, because the habits that must be formed for good oral health begins in childhood.

It is not easy to find a good pediatric dentist. If you are at a loss, ask your friends and family for referrals, or search online for a pediatric dentist in your area. Observe the way the dentist handles your child in your first consultation, and if you are not happy with the results, do not hesitate to try other pediatric dentists. It will be worth the trouble in the long run.