Biking Dangers

The very minimal protection that bikers have makes them very prone to accidents that road hazards can cause. Road hazards can lead to serious injuries to bikers who have very little protection, and when accident do occur, it can be confusing as to who should be held responsible for the damages that resulted. If the accident and injuries are due to road hazards, then proving liability from the government or agency tasked to manage the roadways. Based on experiences from the Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, the type of road hazard and the necessary actions the the government could have made to prevent the road hazard would greatly influence how you can establish liability as well as the possibility of compensation from the government.

Bike accidents can fall under premises liability. There are many ways that streets and roads become dangerous, the most common being poor maintenance and erroneous design. In order to win an injury claim on a premises liability suit, the two main rules that would help determine who would be made liable for the accident: the first one being that the property owner should ensure the safety of the premises and the second rule is that the visitor should be using the property properly. Negligence and reckless actions are important factors in proving fault for personal injury claims.

The public agency in charge of ensuring the safety of the roads should make sure that motorists, bikers, and pedestrians are protected. If the area is dangerous but is still in use, then there should be sufficient warning signs informing the people of the dangers. Failing to do so would put people in danger and make them liable for injuries that may happen. Because road hazards can lead to a number of injuries and even death, they should be addressed as soon as possible.

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